One of the most difficult grapes to grow and make into fine wine.  It is also one of the very best when it is done properly.  It has very specific requirements for its growing conditions.  It needs warm days and cool nights. The Maritime Climate is perfect for Pinot Noir, producing a smooth, medium bodied, ripe cherry fruit and silky tannins.


A dark-skinned, German hybrid grape variety, rich in colour. Dunkelfelder wines are deep and dark red in colour.


A dark-skinned inter-specific hybrid grape variety, used for making wine. It has both European and American vine species in its pedigree. Regent wine is a colour intensive red wine with a moderate acidity. It produces aromas of cherries or blackcurrants.


Chardonnay is a green-skinned grape variety, used to produce white wine. It originated in Burgundy but is now grown wherever wine is produced, including England. 

The Chardonnay grape itself is very neutral, with many of the flavours commonly associated with the grape being derived from such influences as the terroir and oak. It is vinified in many different styles and in cooler climates it produces a medium to light body wine with noticeable acidity

Chardonnay is an important component of many sparkling wines around the world, including Champagne. It is used along with the other “Champagne” grapes Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier in our Southern Shore Sparkling Brut.


Also known as Malbec or Cot, Auxerrois creates a neutral wine, fruity and soft. This grape is traditionally grown in Luxembourg and Canada. It is often blended with the Pinot Blanc grape.


One of the three authorised grapes for making Champagne along with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Pinot Meunier makes a light fruity wine that gives a rich body to Champagne and adds softness and fruitiness.


Rondo is a dark-skinned grape variety, used for making red wine. It is a hybrid grape, created in 1964 by Professor V. Kraus in what was then Czechoslovakia. It was named Rondo in 1999.

This very early maturing variety possesses high resistance against winter frost and downy mildew. Rondo produces a ruby-red wine which is used for blending. You will find Rondo in our Tudor Red and Carnival Red wines.


Schönburger is a grape developed in Germany and released 1979. It is grown now in Germany, as well as England where it is gaining popularity.  It grows well in cool Maritime climates, such as that found in Titchfield and is a reliable early-ripening grape, producing  wine that is typically soft, while full and fruity. You will find it in our Carnival White and in the 2014 Dessert wine. 


This grape is high in sugars, so is suited to cooler climates, and is suitable for making both sparkling and still wines. Reichensteiner is characterised by its light, honeyed flavours with soft notes of warm fruits.



A large yielder that, (with sufficient ripeness), can produce fruity wines with a distinctive, aromatic bouquet and a light Muscat tone. The Bacchus grape thrives under British growing conditions, where the colder climate means that a higher acidity is retained.

All Titchfield wines are produced from grapes grown, vinefied and bottled on the estate.